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Great Western Railway Wagon Kits
W/001 Outside Framed Van   8.00
W/002 3 Plank Open - Round End   7.50
W/003 3 Plank Open - Square End  
W/004  3 Plank Open - Broad Gauge     7.50
W/010 Diag. G.9 Serpent Wagon     8.00
W/011 Diag. H.6 9' wb Container Wagon   9.00
W/012 Diag. H.7 10' wb Container Wagon   9.00
W/015 Diag. N.6 Loco Coal Wagon   7.50
W/018 Diag. O.8/16 Open C Tube Wagon     8.00
W/020 Diag. O.32/33 5 Plank Open     TBA
W/022 Diag. W.8 Cattle Wagon     TBA
W/023 Diag. W.10 Cattle Wagon     TBA
W/024 Diag. X.2 Meat Van     8.50
W/025 Diag. X.4 Meat Van (MICA B) MRJ 117  8.50
W/026 Diag. X.5 Meat Van     8.50
W/028 Diag. Y.2 Fruit Van   8.50
W/029 Diag. Y.3 Fruit Van   10.00
W/040 Diag. DD5 Gas Tank Wagon     15.00
W/051 Diag. 0.35 6 wheel Milk Tank     29.50
W/052 Diag. 0.37 Milk Tank Trailer     TBA
Great Western Railway Carriage Kits
W/050 Diag. L/p Auto trailer     67.00
W/055 Diag. E.83 57' Bk. Tri compo     55.00
W/056 Diag. H.16 57' Dining Car     TBA
W/057 Diag. D.51 70' Brake Third     59.00
W/052 Diag. D.52 57' Brake Third     55.00
W/060 Diag. V.5 4w Passenger Brake Van     29.50
W/065 Diag. E.99/104 70' Toplight Brake Composite     59.00
W/066 Diag. D.69 70' Bk. Third     59.00
W/067 Diag. C.38 70' Third     59.00
W/068 Diag. E.102 70' Composite     59.00
W/069 Diag. F.21 70' Double Slip     TBA
W/070 Diag. D.43 Concertina Bk. Third     TBA
W/071 Diag. C.27 Concertina Third     TBA

Wheels are available to suit all wagons and carriages in 00, EM & P4 gauges at 2.00 a set of two axles.